About The Gentlemens Refinery

Nature creates nothing without a purpose – Aristotle

The Gentlemens Refinery Products

Centuries later, Aristotle’s words echo loud and true. The Gentlemens Refinery was created to fulfill a purpose — the reintroduction of pure and natural products. Time and care was spent researching and developing a comprehensive personal care line that spans from pre-shave to after-shave as well as facial care. Every product is 100% natural, as well as paraben and alcohol free. The Gentlemens Refinery product line is formulated with no artificial colors or fragrances and uses only the mildest food-grade preservatives when necessary. All ingredients meet BDIH* guidelines for Natural Certification, and Certified Organic ingredients are used where possible. No harmful side products are produced by the organic reactions used to form the ingredients. All ingredients are from renewable plant and mineral sources, and the environment is protected in their production.

The Vision Behind the Products

After years of experience as a barber for an elite international clientele, Perry Gastis was frustrated with the limited range of natural and beneficial grooming products available to men. The Gentlemens Refinery was created with the help of a natural chemist that brought Gastis’ vision of sustainable, healthful products to fruition. As a fourth-generation barber, Gastis intends to revolutionize the men’s grooming product industry, which relies too much on alien ingredient lists. His status as “Executive Master Barber” is a testament to his skill and dedication to the industry, and it is his genuine hope to provide men everywhere with choices for optimal grooming with The Gentlemens Refinery.

“I want The GR products to give men healthy faces that feel smooth and look great. If they skip a day shaving with The GR products, they’ll miss the vitality that comes with an unbelievable experience.”

- Perry Gastis
* German organization that certifies all natural cosmetics and personal care products.
* The Gentlemens Refinery products are always alcohol and paraben-free and never tested on animals.