Feather "Professional" Razor Blades - 20 Pack

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0.254mm @ Razor's Edge - no guards For use with Feather DX and SS class razors. We recommend these blades for heavier beards, and experienced users. If you are using these Feather Professional blades, well done on becoming so profficient with the straight-razor! Keep enjoying the smoothest disposable straight-razor blade available. If you are graduating to the Professional blades, please be extra-careful as you get acquainted with them. The Gentlemens Refinery recommends the following three Feather disposable razors: SoftGuard -- for light to average beards and any level user ProGuard -- for all types of beards and any level user (this our founder's go-to blade) Professional -- for heavy beards and experienced users Tips for razors use and maintenance (professional and individual use): Remove blades form razor after each use. Rinse well, then spray well with an antiseptic spray e.g. Clippercide. Leave open -- in two pieces -- to dry until next use Tips and hints for blade use and maintenance (professional use): For particularly tough beards, remove and turn blades around befor any against-the-grain shaving. NOTE: Do not re-use blades -- safely dispose of blades after each client! Tips and hints for balde use (individual use): Individuals may re-use blades. We recommend that users follow recommended razor maintennce (outlined above) after each shave. In addition, we highly recommend individual users rinse and spray (with antiseptic spray) the blades between each use. NOTE: Perry's Tip - keep your blades immersed in a small amount of The Gentlemens Refinery Pre-Shave Oil after cleaned and sprayed, and in-between shaves. Vigilant practice of this tip should extend the life of you