'Black Ice' TSA Travel Trilogy - All-Natural and Organic

The quintessential man's travel companion for a trip lasting up to 3 weeks. This set includes The Gentlemens Refinery TSA approved (for carry-on luggage) and 'The Standard' Pre-Shave Oil (15ml), 'Black Ice' Shave Cream (75ml), and 'Black Ice' After Shave Balm (30ml).
The Gentlemens Refinery TSA-approved Travel Trilogy includes a travel-sized (for carry-on luggage) ‘The Standard’ Pre-Shave Oil (15ml), ‘Black Ice’ Shave Cream (75ml), and ‘Black Ice’ After Shave Balm (30ml – for a perfect shave on the go.

  • The Gentlemens Refinery products are always paraben and alcohol-free and never tested on animals